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Boosung Engineering

E-saver: energy efficient pneumatic drying system

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Boo Sung Engineering started its journey towards the world’s best pneumatic drying machine equipment company for gravure printing industry in 1983. 


From its origin, the business mainly focused on R & D.  This endless and zealous endeavour for better product making led to a success of the development of heat-transmitting unit body, which also embeds waste heat recovery system in 2008.  In the same year, Boo Sung Engineering acquired various patents from Korea as well as from overseas.

In 2010, Boo Sung Engineering incorporated a firm and grasped a new technologically innovational opportunity by exhibiting ‘E-Saver’, the energy-efficient pneumatic drying system for printing with waste heat recovery ability, at 2010 Seoul Pack International Exhibition.

E-saver has been acquired numerous positive feedback for its energy-saving efficiency and the environmentally friendly ability of waste heat recovery.  Not only the customers have witnessed the real superiority of the model, but also many governmental tests have proved the excellence of it. 

Moreover, Boo Sung Engineering will continuously put its utmost effort in R&D for creating new technological benefit from waste heat recovery system for the work-related convenience as well as economic efficiency of the customers.

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